Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow. Finally.

On Leap Day, Albany received its first major snow fall of the year.  On February 29th.

This is not funny, Mother Nature.

Anyway, it was a very pretty sight.  It rained a bit the next day, and most of it is now gone. But our brief visit with winter was long overdue and sorely needed.  Having four seasons in the Northeast is necessary for the soul.

The storm also led to The Great Facebook Snow Pun Thread of 2012:

I don't know why they're different sizes. Click on them and they'll be easier to read.
Scenes from The College of Saint Rose, 2-29-12:

Taken from the Patricia Standish Curriculum Library in the Lally School of Education.

From the Saint Rose quad.

Between two buildings on Madison Avenue, which is in the background.

Outside the Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary.

The Alumni Garden, one of my favorite places on campus...in summer.

Alumni Garden again.

The alley between Moran Hall and Saint Joseph's Hall.  Moran hall was the original Saint Rose campus.  The link goes to an old photo of the building from the Capital District Library Council's  Digital Collections.

From the mezzanine of the Neil Hellman Library, looking out through the windows of the Reference Room, to Western Avenue.

Looking at the quad from the Interlibrary Loan Office.

Saint Vincent's Church on Madison Avenue.  Before the Massry Center for the Arts was built, this was often used for musical performances.

Partridge Street, looking toward Western Avenue, from Madison.  What a beautiful winter street scene.

Partridge Street, in the other direction, not looking so hot.  Saint Rose demolished a few houses on this stretch to make way for the parking lot of a new dorm on Madison Avenue.  While the dorm is an improvement, Partridge Street is scarred.
Crows in the trees, easy to spot in a snowstorm.
The construction site with Centennial Hall, the new dorm, behind.

Saint Vincent's.
Another view of Partridge.

Partridge Street again.  It took a while for the bus to get there and I just kept taking pictures.

Madison Avenue, with Centennial Hall on the left.
Brace yourself.  There are tons more photographs.  We're not getting much winter this winter, so I need to get as many photos as I can while the opportunity is there.

Scenes from Center Square and Washington Park:

The Trinity Methodist Church, which has been featured heavily on this blog, as I don't have to leave my apartment to take a photo.  I'm moving in a couple of weeks, though.

Lark Street looking north.

Lark Street

Hudson Avenue

Hudson Avenue

The Lark Street Business Improvement District (BID)

Chestnut Street

State Street

A condominium building's storefront on Lark Street.  Formerly the home of Australian restaurant, now the location of the Alacrity Frame Workshop, which was robbed by an 11 year-old boy recently.

A super cool alley between the Trinity Church and the building next to it.