Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog Update

It's been quite a while since I've posted, and even longer since I've posted consistently.  While much of this is because I'm a grad student, work full time, am preparing for an internship this summer and still try to have some semblance of a social life (I am a gay man living in downtown Albany, after all!), it's primarily due to some more pervasive blog issues.

Primarily, I'm out of room.  Photos use up a lot of data, and the blog has been based on photography since the beginning.  I have no wish to change this.  I love photography, even the iPhone variety.  And while there is always a lot to say about the city, it is so much more fun to see it.  I also love to try to connect overall urban issues -- too much parking, lack of pedestrian amenities, a culture biased toward the car, the effect of highways on urban life, shitty architecture, etc. -- with the results, as seen in photos.

So the bottom line is: I'm out of data and can longer post photos here.  My options from here are as follows:

  • Pay Google for more data.  It's not very expensive, but I really don't like that idea, since it goes into perpetuity.  I also have so little time to post that it will likely be a waste.
  • Create a second blog on a second account, linked to this blog.  That would work, but things like page views will be a pain to manage, and linking could also be annoying.
  • Migrate this blog to another service.  I've checked out the major blog sites and none give me any more data than Google, so this option hasn't been realistic yet.  If anyone has any leads on this, leave me some info in the comments.  
  • Stop blogging.  Honestly, this is the most likely.  This year is already out of control, schedule-wise.  I have some full Pedestrian Perspective photo series' ready to go, but no time or space to post them.  I love writing this blog, but maybe it's time to be a little more realistic.
So basically, I can't guarantee anything at this point.  There is quite a lot that I would love to do, but until I figure out  how to do so, this will be on hiatus.

Stay warm and well!