Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Philadelphia's E-Lane

Over the weekend, Philadelphia debuted their "E-Lane" concept for city sidewalks.  This provides a safe lane for those texting while walking, and prevents sidewalk accidents in which distracted pedestrians bump into one another.  The project is limited to the space outside City Hall.

I wish I had heard about this project earlier; I really would've liked to write and link my own post about it.  It would be like actually being part of the April Fool's Day joke that it was.  Check out the hilarious information video:

I'm all for making a city a fun place to be, and feel that we need much more of it.  It's one of the reasons that I love my own city: the fun stuff isn't as pervasive as a place like Brattleboro, nor as forced as a place like Saratoga Springs, nor even as honest and gritty as in a place like Troy.  It's known as an almost stoic, provincial place, and much of it is.  The fun stuff, then, is unexpected.  And when something is a bit of a surprise, its effect is more significant.

I can think of few more unexpected and awesome ways to make a city fun than April Fool's Day jokes by the city administration.

Well played, Philadelphia!

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