Friday, July 1, 2011

Self-Networking and Introduction


I've created this blog due to the lack of coherence I am experience on my Tumblr, which I created roughly two days ago.  I've been wanting to write about the situation for those without a car for quite a while, including tips for success, things to avoid, crappy things that happen and suggestions for improvements to be made in my city, Albany, NY.  (And other cities, especially in the Capital District.)  Lately, I've reached a critical mass of stored images or something, and have decided to just go ahead and do it.

And here it is.

Smile!!! :-

A little background about myself.  I am originally from a suburb of Springfield, MA called Agawam, home of Six Flags New England (formerly Riverside Park).  I spent enough time in Vermont as a child to consider myself a part-time resident before the age of 16, when my family moved there.  They remain, in West Wardsboro, mid-way between the Stratton and Mount Snow ski resorts.  I went to Castleton State College outside of Rutland, VT for a couple of years and lived in Fair Haven for a year and a half, which is a wonderful small town with a dense village and, at the time, a rail stop, which has been moved to Castleton to better serve the college.  Ironically, before moving to Fair Haven, I lived up against these tracks, with the train practically in my backyard.  I got used to the whistle late at night, much to my disappointment.

Springfield, MA (from Google)

Fair Haven, VT (from Google)
I moved to Albany three years ago to attend the College of Saint Rose, where I currently work.  Some of what I include will be about the college and its presence in the neighborhood, so that disclosure is important.  I consider the college to be an extremely benign presence in the neighborhood and the city in general, an opinion which has been publicly shared by many of its neighbors.  There are occasional complaints, usually regarding something about parking, which you'll soon learn is something I find unnecessary in an urban environment, if done correctly.  Saint Rose, of course, is under quite a bit of pressure to provide as much parking as possible.  It is my belief that, given the opportunity, the college would fill all the parking lots with tons of cool things.  They're doing what they can for now, offering free bus service on all regular routes and BusPlus to all of its students, staff,  and faculty, along with a handful of other colleges in the area.

The College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY
Anyway, there are some cool and some mixed-bag developments around the college, including some super cool ideas in the works, so those will be featured here.  Also, scenes from the campus will be as well, as there is no shortage of interesting and charming features available.

I always try to remember that I have one opinion out of a variety of others, and will try to keep that in mind here.  But the other side of the deal is for us all to realize how passionate many of us are about all of these issues, and that we can be real assholes to each other.

Here's my Tumblr and my Twitter.  I might have an email soon, too.  I'll let you know. :)

Oh, P.S.  I was thinking that if you wanted to send questions in, whether you live in Albany or not, you could do so.  I may just not know the answer or I may be able to find something out.  If it's transit advice, there's a better chance.  Okay that's all, take care.

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