Friday, July 8, 2011

A Walk in the Park

I spend a lot of time in Mid-town Albany's Washington Park.  Most days, after work, I like to go to the dog park area to read, and of course watch the doggies.  There's a squirrel who lives in the trees near where I sit, too. I see many more dogs than squirrels here (I wonder ... any correlation?).

My squirrel friend hanging out in the trash can.

Washington Park is one of many designed in the 19th century by Frederick Law Olmsted.  Others include Central Park in Manhattan, the grounds of the United States Capitol and Boston's Emerald Necklace.  It's of the pastoral, naturalistic type found throughout America.  The Baroque park, most often found in Europe, is much more formal.   Washington Park in Troy is a good example of a Baroque-style park in America.

Troy: Washington Park, way back in winter.  My apologies for the reminder in this sunny season.  Still, quite nice, don't you think?

Troy's Washington Park is  much smaller than the pseudonymous one in Albany, but surrounded by equally or better architecture in a more formal and urban setting. 1 Two Washington Parks, two vastly different examples, 20 miles apart by bus.  This is why I love the Capital Region. 2


Albany: Scenes from around the lake.  More of these will be on their way.  :)
I hope your Friday is going well.  I thought this would be a nice topic for this particular evening.  I must confess, though: I didn't actually go to the park today.  For example, one of these pictures was from winter...

1 Troy is a hidden gem unto itself that will be paid many visits, as I visit there often, anyway.
2 That 20 miles takes 53 minutes by bus.  That's the downside of the Capital Region.

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